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  • Digital Signage Expo 2011

    Digital Signage Expo 2011

    Digital Signage Expo 2011

    Digital Signage Expo 2011 was held in Convention centre in Las Vegas, USA. Even though there was a exhibition hall for this Expo, Las Vegas looks like a one exhibition. It is brighter outside than inside of exhibition. However, there are virtuality and reality both. The place where virtuality is becoming reality is Digital Signage Expo.

    Hardware, software, and contents
    The main theme of the 8th Digital Signage Expo, which started from 2004 is realization of virtuality. If they showed hardware, software, and contents each in the previous exhibition, it formed a trinity at this Expo. Originally, they could not be existed each. There was no option but to develop at the beginning, but everything has to be consolidated. It is not only physical combination simply, but also can be changed in chemical structure.

    Before, the digital signage mainly focused on giving information but now customers do not want to get just simple information anymore. They can get it anywhere nowadays. We have to concentrate on how we delivery the information to customers. It is not just showing of the price. It must stimulate their buying psychology with information.

    For example, it is difficult to get detailed information about wine if the customers are not experts. They just buy it by sommelier's recommend. Explanation is mostly written in English or French at the back of wine bottle, and only basic information is written in Korean. So it is not useful. Kiost solution of RedDotNet is the solution to solve these problems. If they just put the name of wine, all information of wine are shown such as country of origin, price, and opinions of people who already tasted.

    It is not only for wine. It is possible to apply to all kinds of products. This display is a product with good ideas when they buy the products like a wine, liquor, and electronics, etc.

    Various business models to be reality
    TRI-TUBE of Fingertouch is one of the attractable digital signage at exhibition. This solution can make people understand with three displays from the triangular prism. One side displays the original features of product and they deliver product's image sensuously through analog display on other side. Also they show all information about the product with interactive technology on third side. TRI-TUBE gives people images and information at once by rotating. This display is suitable for new product launching show to the consumers as they show the best solutions to them.

    Also, Intel Co., Mirror LCD of LG Electronics Inc and 3D Multi-Vision of Hyundai IT Co., use this kind of display and get attention of customers. This solution is very good to obtain advertising effect in short-term.

    It was a good opportunity to see various business models in Digital Signage Expo 2011. Descriptively, the place where virtuality is becoming reality is Digital Signage Expo. And, everything starts from virtuality. People naturally accept it as the one solution, they do not confuse virtuality and reality. And, commercial plan also is set on it. This exhibition showed this possibility to us.

    1. Multi display at the entrance of Digital Signage Expo 2011
    2. 3 by 3 size of Multi display from LG Electronics Inc
    3. Fast food advertising by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
    5, 6 Fast food display solution by Display Systems International
    7. Razor display solution by Intel
    9. Fast food advertising by Ping Co.,-They made a booth same as real store's interior
    10. Electronic board by APEX
    11. Multi Display Solution stood by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.- Different size of LCDs show under the sea
    12. Multi Display by Sharp
    13. Multi Touch Solution by 3M- They composed it with 22 inch size multi screen
    14. Large automobile navigation system by xpodigital
    15. Wine search solution by RedDotNet
    16. 3M- People can get information at the same time
    17, 18. Finger Touch Solution by TubeCom
    19. Digital signage solution with SNS by LocaMada
    20. LED backlight solution and ECO Sensor by Hyundai IT
    21. Various size of electronic frame by Hughes
    22. Wine search system and sports goods by RedDotNet
    23. Fast food Kiosk by Display systems International - Users can order by setting the card readers and Cash in system
    27, 28, 29. Demonstration of Adidas shoes purchasing system by Intel - Customers can choose the shoes interactively according to types and size
    30. Mirror LCD by LG display- They add mirror function on LCD

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