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    KOLON SPORT Culture Station

    KOLON SPORT Culture Station

    Design point
    As standard of living improves, people's interest for outdoor sports is getting high. So, outdoor sporting goods are also becoming popular. According to this trend, sports shops are leading to make a new leisure culture. One of sporting goods company, KOLON SPORT opened the shop, Culture Station not only for selling the products but also to give customers related contents.

    Complex cultural space leading outdoor sports culture
    Leading company for mountain climbing equipment for 38years, KOLON SPORT opened the Culture Station.
    It has four floors with not only selling the goods and clothes, but also having resting place and gallery. The first floor is for young customers and the second floor is for people who like extreme outdoor sports. There are shower rooms for customers, and they can use anytime. The place for education of outdoor lifestyle and gallery are at the third floor. The outdoor lifestyle education is divided into three sections for bike, pictures, and winter sports such as ski or snowboard. People can get professional education and systematic training with special instructors. Also, we can enjoy the various photographs took by from amateur to professional in gallery and get lots of information as well. There is a place to have a meeting for the group at the fourth floor. People can have not only meeting but also seminars in the place with beam project and large screen.
    The manager of KOLON SPORT said "The concept of the Culture Station is eco-friendly. So, we didn't destroy the building and reduce the waste by using double skin shape"

    Most of outdoor sports have tenacity and vital power. The Culture Station applied rocks and mountains concept to design. They make people imagine the sharp mountains and rocks with straight lines for fascia. Moreover, they put the counter as the shape of large rock in the center of store and fitting room. They used the materials of Barrisol for counter and fitting room which is famous for new material of ceiling and can apply to any place such as walls and show window, etc.
    Recently, professors and students from architecture and interior department visited this store.

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