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Since Atto Display Co., Ltd., started to develop and produce LED module for application on channel letters, Bandilight (brand name) has been a big leap in its quality and performance and been constantly upgraded. We are providing a variety of LED lighting solutions for architectural, landscape applications as well as channel letter applications.\r\n\r\nMaking the most of use of proprietary features, which LEDs lighting offers, including significant energy savings, virtually no maintenance, easier installation, long lifespan and environment-friendly technology, Bandilight is designed to enhance and expand the lighting durability and IP-67 waterproof. Additionally, its most outstanding strength is the simple design, which allows easy on-site installation for a great number of applicable areas. For these features, Bandilight LED lighting solutions are certified with a patent from major foreign countries including U.S.A. \r\n\r\nFor the quality and durability assurance, we are testing expertly and rigorously LED illumination products with unparalleled quality control system. Our complete product line is certified by ISO9001/140001(Quality management) and UL, CE mark (Safety certification). Not to mention domestic market, Bandilight is the LED lighting brand name which is widely used in worldwide markets including Japan, Europe, Russia, and Australia.\r\n\r\nF-LED series products, one of Bandilight’s key LED solutions, are divided into F-LED 100, F-LED200 and F-LED401 by the number of build-in LEDs. Each product provides five different colors. F-LED series products can be adapted for use in channel letters and more. Especially, F-LED203 White and F-LED403 White, which have been recently released, double the brightness of lighting source. Additionally, RGB F-LED 300 and RGB F-LED 900 with a wide range of colors is been applied on outdoor advertising systems, architectural, and landscape areas. And LED BAR and DMX RGB 900(All-in-one type RGB Module), which provide splendid colors, are spotlighted by our customers.\r\nAlong with Bandlight LED products, DC Power supplier system is available. We have different types of Power supplier systems, which are suitable for each lighting type.\r\n\r\nWe have finally developed ALMS(Automatic LED Management System), which helps to operate RGB Lighting products. With ALMS, users can input every kind of program on a computer and display them on the LED lighting system. \r\nWe are always with our customers, and we have been dedicated to meet our customers’ needs.
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