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Producing the banner stand rotating in 360\\' with wind
ADD:1FL, 210-1, Sungsan1-dong, Mapo-ku, Seoul, 121-84 Korea
TEL:+82 2 322 0172
FAX:+82 2 332 0172
Since 2002, Neo-Tech Co., Ltd., has been dedicated to developing a variety of banner stands for meeting our customers\\' needs. Product innovation and creativity made us a leader in the industry. Most brand- and consumer-related industries have identified the need to stand apart from their competition to become the preferred choice in an ever more competitive marketplace. To do it, all of the most effective and cost-effective way is much more helpful. With our significant design and manufacturing capabilities, we provide all-inclusive solutions for your retail environment, merchandising and brand promotion activities. \r\n\r\nOf a wide range of products, we\\'d like to first introduce \\"NEOS? state-of-the art banner system. The NEOS banner stand is designed to rotate in 360 degree by wind. Unlike to the existing banner stands, NEOS banner stand, which is equipped with bearings, can keep up in the extremely windy weather because it makes a good use of wind influence. The stand comprises completely FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) which is corrosion-resistant. The product developed by our hands-on graphics experience and technical know-how makes graphics stand easy and quick to assemble and mantle with no tools. \r\n\r\nWe are also offering MDI-101, the lightweight and portable banner stand. The banner stand is reportedly ideal for high-impact areas such as trade-shows and promotions. In addition to the banner stands, we are introducing 3FRD, a small-sized, triple-sided display. The system with battery rotates in 360 degree to show all graphics to any viewer on all locations. Lastly, we are providing graphic display structures for attracting potential customers. As P.O.P system, our window banner frame allows for hanging banners and sign straight to any smooth surface in just seconds. We look forward to a long and mutually rewarding partnership. Please contact us with any question that you may have. \r\n
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