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ADD:59 Dongsomun-dong 1ga, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL:+82 2 2268 2659, +82 10 6308 5211
FAX:+82 2 2264 2659
UIK has been starting business as a leading manufacturer specializing in Banner stand since 2001 and now is receiving good reputation in the international market.\r\nWe are always thinking first about customers’ prosperity and are willing to help our customers to expand their business with competitive price and high quality product.\r\nWe are also committed to excellence and invested in employee training and quality control.\r\nWith creative and challenging mind, we promise that we make continual efforts to develop high quality product to meet customer’s needs.\r\n\r\nOur LED panel features are as follows:\r\n- Easy to change backlit film by aluminium snap open frame\r\n- Slim-frame (20mm thickness & 30mm width)\r\n- Much more economical than other conventional light sources such as fluorescent lamp, CCFL and so on, by high efficiency and the lowest power consumption (40%cost of fluorescent)\r\n- Semi-permanent durability (50,000H)\r\n- Even brightness & vivid sign display\r\n- Refined aluminium frame\r\n- Fabricated with stable and durable components\r\n- Custom size is available
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