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PLALIGHT, an up-to-date technical reflective advertising material that\\'s more visible at night
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NEW Reflective advertising material - PLALIGHT\r\nAn interesting thing is going to happen in the world market.\r\nPLALIGHT INTERNATIONAL has newly invented reflective advertising material that is specifically designed to satisfy the essential needs of all advertisers around the world. Using retro-reflection technology, PLALIGHT provides 24 hours visibility without any electric power and efficiently catches eyes of your potential customer.\r\n\r\nThe darker the night, the brighter the PLALIGHT!\r\nThe visibility of conventional advertising material is limited to just daytime but PLALIGHT overcomes this limitation by utilizing its surrounding light such as car headlights, street lamps. PLALIGHT visibility range is over 200 meters and is guaranteed to last for 2 years.\r\nPLALIGHT can be used with all current printing methods\r\nPLALIGHT comes in two types, solvent-based type and water-based type. PLALIGHT can be used for all kinds of digital printings as well as silk screen printings. You can get 3 dimensional effects as well as vivid color expression created by reflective quality. The printing quality is outstanding and the high-visibility is of a standard never seen before.\r\nApply PLALIGHT to your own iedas\r\nPLALIGHT comes with self-adhesive type as well as non-adhesive type. Different adhesive is applied according to the different applications. There are so many things you can do with PLALIGHT!.\r\nFor example:\r\nCommercial bus advertisements, vehicle wrapping advertisements, mural advertisements, bus shelter, large format placards, indoor and outdoor banners, movie posters, fence advertisements, subway advertisements, signs, interior/exterior, billboards, public displays, public signs, and even various novelty promotional items.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nNo Electricity is required\r\nPLALIGHT does not require electricity. No separate electric installation is needed. Therefore, you can save money on installation, labor and maintenance. \r\nPLALIGHT will lead the world advertising market\r\nPLALIGHT is a world leader of reflective advertising material. PLALIGHT foresees the needs of advertising industry and invents just the product to satisfy everything you need.\r\n\r\n■ New Approach to AD means \r\nOrdinary placards are visible during daytime only. PLALIGHT efficiently overcomes this limitation as it works any time and with any kind of lighting such as street lighting, car headlights, etc. PLALIGHT is an all-weather material, which works anywhere. The darker the night, the higher the efficiency. \r\n■ High-tech optical material\r\nPLALIGHT uses retro-reflection, which is created by multiple microscopic retro-reflectors. These reflectors reflect light and make placard well visible from a distance. PLALIGHT can make itself easily distinguishable from over 200 meters away. \r\n■ Brilliant and 3 dimensional colors \r\nYou get two dimensional, simple color effects from the current placard material. You can however, get three dimensional spectrum effects in addition to brilliant colors. Simply print on PLALIGHT!\r\n\r\n\r\n
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