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Digital Sign Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and has been among industry leaders in the implementation and fabrication of LED display products for over two decades. Specializing in Industrial, Message Centers and Commercial applications, Digital Sign products can be found in factories, airports, transit terminals, movie theatres, TV stations, banks, sporting venues, casinos, hotels, etc. world-wide. Digital Sign has a wide range of user and program interfaces, as well as the ability to custom design any interface to suit customer requirements. From wireless remote controllers to computer programming, Digital Sign Display systems are the perfect solution to all your communications needs. \r\n \r\nBasically, our LED Live Video System is the most powerful and beautiful LED display. Featuring live, high -resolution video capabilities with over 16.7 billion colors and advanced graphics processing, the LED Live Video system has defined the industry standard. It provides superior resolution and color control. State-of-the art technology insures that the graphics displayed on it are optimized to the maximum possible resolution. The LED Live Video system can address up to 480 (H)* 640 (W) pixel on modules. However, other size versions can be designed to suit customer’s needs. The product is available in both indoor and outdoor models. \r\n\r\nAs for Full Color LED display, the LED display system provides brilliant eye-catching colors on graphics and characters. With user-friendly operating program, the system is designed to store and input graphics via digital camera, scanners and more equipments. The graphics and characters provided by the Full Color LED display are dynamic and active enough to hold the attention of any audience. Message entry with a remote controller helps users to learn and use the system with easy. The system is available in both ready-made and custom-made size. Especially, custom-made system provides up to 320(w)*96(H) pixel resolution.\r\n\r\nWith Indoor or outdoor applications, 1 color and 3 colors LED display feature the latest cutting LED visual technology with outstanding characters. The display systems come in various kinds of products line. You can select an indoor or outdoor LED message display that\\'s tailored to meet your specific business needs. Each module locks tight onto the cabinet infrastructure to insure a perfect, watertight seal.\r\nWe are also offering custom-made LED display systems for your specific purposes. For a variety of applications including time & tepms., price & currency changes and real-time information providers, our custom-made LED display system is available in a wide variety of character, line and full matrix display configurations. As a result, you can customize your system by selecting the design option that best fits your application and your budget.\r\n\r\nWith the goals of high quality and adaptability in the market competition, as well as the ability of developing new products, we welcome interested companies worldwide to inquire our products. We are looking forward to cooperation with you in the near future.
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