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Spechializing in the developing flatbed disgital printer
HanYang C&C
ADD:205Rm,Daeryung town 6-cha,493-6,Kasan-dong,Geumcheon-gu,Seoul,Korea
TEL:+82 2 3272 6071
FAX:+82 2 706 7207
With the profound technology in CAD/CAM-related plotter,HanYang C&C has recently focused on developing small-sized and high-performance flatbed printer.We know flatbed printers that can handle thick and rigid media are becoming progressively popular.The Freejet 290 printer,our satate-of-theart plotter in flatbed printting,print high quality output on a variety of rigid and flexible substrates including tiles,photo papers,cellular phone cases,pens,glasses,crystdls,Acrylics,medals and more.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nThe Frerejet 290 pritner uses 6 color inkget piezo printing technology and water-,pigment-,transfer-and solvent-based inks to produce outdoor-durable output.It can print directly onto substates up to 320 wide x 460mm long x 120mm thick.It is ideal for demanding printing jobs,delivering max., 2,800*720 dpi resolution. The printer is designed to deliver specific benefits to users based on their application requirements.For those customers that prefer to use flatbed printing technology,Freejet 290 flatbed printer offers the following benfits:①The movement of printhead,instrad of a material support helps to reduce dramatically a margin of printing measurement errors.②Because the printer print a graphic on 12cm thickness of the materials, the printer can achieve output on much wider selection of materials than the converntional printers.③Built in an automatic height adjustment system,the Freejet printer provides the optimal printing environmental and minimizes the waste of material.\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\nMoreover, The Freejet 290 printer reduces time and cost in that it can perform several different printing jobs at the same time.Our goal is to provide you the highest quality digital printing for your business.Thid this in mind, we continue our commitment to providing practical solutions to your inkjet printing requirements.\r\n
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