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Developing and announcing Easyfixture for florescent lamps of outdoor backlit signboards
Naewae Industry
Established in 1976, Naewae has been dedicated to developing outdoor advertising materials and devices. Naewae has found out that there have been no quality lamp fixtures suitable for holding lamps in acrylic & flexible advertising signboards. For this reason, we started to developed first-ever innovative multi-lamp fixtures for worldwide markets through the investment of the enormous time and substantial field tests during the last 10 years. \r\n\r\nOur Easyfixture for florescent lamps of outdoor backlit signboards features being easy to install, maintain and save money for low energy consumption. More than two fluorescent lamps can be mounted only in one fixture and the distance between lamps can be freely adjusted, depending on customer requirements. And fixtures also can be inter-joined each other to minimize the possible shadow in the signs. \r\n\r\nEasyfixture products are on the market with three different types as followings: Multi-lamp Fixture (several lamps can be easily installed on to a fixture so that the cost of the fixture and its installation can be substantially reduced), Sliding Frames (each side frame on a fixture can be easily adjusted by users) Inter-joining Fixtures (the dark spots or shadow that could appear between lamps in the general outdoor backlit signs can be removed as two or more lamp fixtures can be inter-joined together). And custom-designed product is available to fit your signwork.\r\n
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