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T.P.M Co., Ltd. is leading the quality based textile inkjet media as premier manufacturer of various kinds of textile in inkjet media through quality control systems and state-of-the art production facilities in Korea. T.P.M is marketing and selling highly compatible and the best quality textile especially for media to the worldwide inkjet market. Now, T.P.M will focus on bringing environmental-friendly products to customers who keep up with the trend of world inkjet community with ISO 2001 and ISO 14001 certificated for a wide format inkjet printing media and sublimation based media. The result will be a surprising to worldwide market again. \r\n\r\nSolvent Based Media\r\nAll of solvent based media we are announcing are available in strong, eco, and mild type. Coated with PVC emulsion, the media provide long-term durability against direct sunshine, air pollution and physical abuse. The media also deliver exceptional graphic colors from a distance. Especially the media is suitable for outdoor advertising graphics. The media are available up to 3.2 m width.\r\nWidth available (mm): 914/ 1065/1270/ 1370/ 1524/ 1800/ \r\n2000/ 2500/ 3200\r\nThickness (Denier): 75D/ 150D/ 300D/ 450D/ 600D\r\nCompatible Ink: Pure Solvent / Eco-Solvent/ Mild-Solvent\r\nFeatures: Fire-retardant Available\r\n\r\nHP UV Based Media\r\nHP UV based media we are developing with our own fundamental technology are for only application by HP UV printers. In the case of printing with HP printers, the media provide the best result of graphics with high resolution. \r\nWidth availability (mm): 914/ 1065/1270/ 1370/ 1524/1800/2200\r\nComparable ink: HP Ultra Violet\r\nFeature: Fire-retardant Available\r\n\r\nDye & Pigment Based Media\r\nThis media is specially designed item for both Dye ink and Pigment ink. It is proud of clear printing effect and elegance display in indoor application and customer could achieve great satisfaction with its high resolution.\r\nWidth availability (mm): 914/ 1065/1270/ 1370/ 1524\r\nThickness (Denier): 150D/ 300D/ 450D/ 600D\r\nCompatible Ink: Water-based Pigment / Water-based Dye / HP Ultra Violet \r\n\r\nPigment Based Media\r\nThe media are designed for the application of both water based pigment and oil based. It offers excellent weather ability and outdoor durability in addition to excellent color depths and high resolution. The media is ideal for outdoor advertising graphics as well as indoor displays. \r\nWidth availability (mm): 914/ 1065/1270/ 1370/ 1524/ 1800/ 2200\r\nThickness (Denier): 75D/ 150D/ 300D/ 450D/ 600D\r\nCompatible Ink: Water-based Pigment \r\nFeature: Fire- retardant Available\r\n\r\nSublimation Based Media\r\nThe media is treated with special chemicals for direct dye sublimation printing and heating fixation which helps graphics to be fixed on the media at a low temperature. Heat-Transferred on the textile media with 2 years, even it does not damage with washing. even it does not damage with washing. \r\nWidth availability (mm): 914/ 1065/1270/ 1370/ 1524/ 1800/ 2000/2500/3200\r\nThickness (Denier): 75D/ 150D/ 300D/ 450D\r\nCompatible ink: Dye-Sublimation\r\n\r\nSolvent Green Banner with a Urethane based which has no harmful elements and is designed for eco-friendly Solvent printing. This media is easy to print high-resolution product with high internal brightness and magnificent waterproof. The great illumination of this media also enable to indoor backlit display indeed. The product can be used indoor and outdoor display without any harm for environment.\r\nWidth availability (mm): 914/ 1065/1270/ 1370/ 1524/ 1800/ 2000/2500/3200\r\nThickness (Denier): 150D/ 250D/ 500D\r\nCompatible ink: Pure Solvent/ Eco-Solvent/ Mild-Solvent \r\nFeature: Fire-retardant available\r\n
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