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Providing Bulk Ink Systems and Tools & Accessories for Cutting Plotters and more
NITE Industrial
ADD:504, 5 Floor Daeryung APT Factory, #327-24, Gansan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL:+82 2 859 4211
FAX:+82 2 866 4216
MSN: jinkwonbae@msn.com\r\n \r\nThe business objective of NITE Industrial Co., Ltd., is to provide the market with best price and reliable products, and support an impeccable service. Based on over 15 years experience in a sign industry, we have been producing a variety of products including tools and accessories and cutting plotters to worldwide markets. Recently, we have succeeded in introducing bulk ink systems for wide format of digital printers, additionally recently we started to provide inkjet media and bulk inks for large format printing.\r\n\r\nAs for bulk ink systems, we have been offering three different types of NAPIS series systems including bottle type (NAPIS-B15), vacuum pack type (NAPIS-II) and combined type (NAPIS-EII & NAPIS III). NAPIS-B15, NAPIS-II, and NAPIS-III systems are highly compatible with all large format digital printers from Mutoh, Mimaki and Roland. Especially The cartridges for Mimaki JV-3 and JV-5 printers have the permanent chips and re-setters of the highest firmware which help users to maximize the productivity and efficiency for digital printing jobs. They just reset the chips whenever needed by turning the reset button on the back side of cartridge up and down.\r\n\r\nConcerning NAPIS-EII, the systems are completely compatible with a different of Epson printers series like 7400, 9400, 7800, 9800, 7600, 9600, 4400, 4800 printers. The systems also have permanent chips and re-setter. The systems do not require additional works for installation except for mounting cartridges on the printers due to combined design. \r\n\r\nOur bulk ink systems are easy, economical and effective for every digital printing workflow with Mutoh, Roland, Mimaki and Epson printers. A floater inside cartridges can control up to 0.001g inks. The systems allow for easy mounting of ink cartridges, reliable ink delivery, stable ink flow for long run production. The bulk ink system provides the flexibility to design products that require little operator intervention and deliver superior print quality on a wide variety of printing media.\r\n\r\nBesides, we have started to supply provide inkjet media and bulk inks for large format printing. Our inkjet media is completely compatible with dye-, pigment- and solvent-based inks, and high-resolution graphics can be achieved on our media with Piezo, and thermal type inkjet printers. And we are offering our bulks ink with 1 liter for solvent-based Inks for JV3 printer, eco-solvent based Inks for Sol-Jet printer, water-based for Peizo printers, water-based for Epson printer, dye-sublimation inks, and solvent based dye inks for flatbed printers. Lastly we are providing cutting blades and holders for cutting plotters. The items are available for cutting blades, penholders, knife holders and ballpoint pen holders. We are pleased to announce BIG DAMPER which is designed for the printhead of Mutoh, Roland and Mimaki printers series. It ensures all printhead nozzles to fire inks without any missing color in case of use of old printers or high speed printing.
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