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A professional exporting company as a inkjet media manufacturer
Changhyun Deco
ADD:Changhyun building, 740-9, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL:+82 2 2263 3781
FAX:+82 2 2263 3785
Changhyun Deco co., is a professional exporting company as a inkjet media manufacturer. With more than 10-year experience and know-how in graphic reproduction industry, we have been offering specialized inkjet media which are produced by distinctive coating technology to internal and international customers. And having four branch offices throughout the nation, have been achieving a great portion of market share in Korean market. All inkjet media we have developed and sold are considered as the best solution for worldwide digital printing providers, creating high quality graphics and meeting graphic requirements.\r\n\r\nOur inkjet media are available in a wide range of selections including water-based textile, solvent based textile, direct dye sublimation textile, solvent-based inkjet media and water-based inkjet media and misc. firstly, as for water-based textile, 100% polyester woven-based media are highly compatible with dye-, pigment-, and oil-based inks. Especially, water-based textile with the peculiar softness and lightness of fabric are 100% compatibility with most types of water-based printers. And the media which are applied with ‘universal’ surface coating can achieve heavy ink coverage. Non-woven water-based textile is also available. \r\n\r\nSecondly, we are unveiling solvent based textile which is 100% polyester woven-based fabric. The media is so light and soft that every installers and digital providers can easily and freely handle the media for indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, the media provide an excellent color performance, fast ink-drying time and saturation from solvent-based printers. The media comes in the two types: Lightweight fabric and Heavyweight fabric. Thirdly, Regarding to Direct dye sublimation textile, the media reduce the possible problem of the existing dye sublimation and heat transfer process like skewing and wrinkling of the image when it is not transferred properly. The media help digital providers to save the cost of transfer paper and labor of transferring images from paper onto fabric. By printing graphics directly on fabric, a great amount of inks can not be wasted. \r\n\r\nFourthly, we are dealing with solvent based inkjet media which are consisting of Solvent PVC Vinyl (permanent/ removable), Backlit film and PET. And lastly, our water-based inkjet media can be divided into Synthetic paper(B/O), Photo paper, coated paper, PVC vinyl, PET/PP Banner for POP Banner stand, Backlit Film, Clear film, Dass(Adhesive backlit film), and Cold laminating film(Embo). And we have recently developed Art Fabric for fine art reproduction.
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