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Producing HUMAN POP & LED Banner Stand
ADD:63, Cho-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL:+82 31 922 3700
FAX:+82 31 922 3705
MSN: bannerpia@hotmail.com \r\n \r\nDespite of its short history in display system market, Bannerpia International Co., Ltd., has been dedicated to the growing needs for customers. Product innovation and creativity is what has made us a leader in the industry. We know an efficient service and quality product is key, not just a low price. In addition to back-pack displays, we offer variety types of portable banner display stands, and hanging banner system. Our banner stands are easy to set up, dismantle and simple to transport for changing advertising campaigns\r\n\r\nHUMAN POP product we are now proud of offer is the Back-pack display system. It means that a person packs the display on his or her back and makes message exposed to a great number of people. If a person is familiar with an event or a product, he or she can provide audience with real time information with verbal communication. Therefore, The HUMAN POP product is designed for face-to-face promotion activity everywhere and the recommended size of a graphic is 500×1,200mm. Because of the fact that human packs a graphics display, it could double ad impact for promotional events and can be highly transportable for right audience. Shoulder straps and a waist belt with buckle are provided for easy wearing of the device. Regarding to the steps for installation, the first is inserting each pole into a pack-back bag, and next mounting a graphic on the each pole. Last is to carry a backpack display on your back. That is all for installation of HUMAN POP. \r\n\r\nAnd we are recently releasing the world\\'s first LED banner stand. It enables audience to convey more powerful message. Its model is one and the same. Its recommended size is 500×1,600mm and it is light which its weight is 500g. It is basically included 2 batteries and you would only change new ones if they run out. You can use it for 15 days with them if it is based on 24hours in a day, and it features flicker to arrest attention. You can install this product like another banner stands. Just fix the face into polls.\r\n\r\nWe will keep on improving ourselves and developing high quality and more systematical banner stand to provide better products for both internal and international customer. We look forward to a long and reliable partnership for mutual business development.
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