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ADD:27-4 Dangjeong-dong, Gunpo-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
Yuhan-Kimberly, Ltd., the parent of Yuhan-Kimberly DTP Link, is a joint venture company established in 1971 between Kimberly-Clark Corporation in the USA and Yuhan-Corporation in South Korea. \r\nYuhan-Kimberly’s brand, DTP Link, is the world\\'s first digital printing solution including ink, printer, software, fabric specifically designed for textile printing and is in widespread use throughout Korea. \r\nTextile printing using conventional methods requires lots of time and manpower due to the complex nature of the manufacturing process. In answer to this problem, Yuhan-Kimberly created their \\"Digital Textile Printing\\" total solution using world-class digital technology. The digital textile printing (DTP) system uses digital technology to manage tasks from design process to the printing process resulting in a simple and fast approach to printing of delicate and complex designs directly onto textiles. The designer can easily represent any design freely and print these designs on various types of fabric in almost any quantity. As a result, DTP is the best solution for design proofing and small-quantity production in various markets including apparel, accessory, home interior and high quality banners. Therefore, the DTP system is being spotlighted as an effective next generation\\'s textile printing system.\r\nHigh quality products of DTP Link \r\n DTP Link ink realizes vivid and saturated colors that until now have been difficult to express with digital printers. By using the same kind of dyes used in your clothes today, you can be assured of excellent durability and vivid color expression you have come to expect. \r\nNanoColorant - dramatic simplification of digital textile printing process\r\nCan you imagine applying color to fabric that doesn’t need to be pre-treated or post-processed? \r\n- Characteristics of Nano Colorant \r\n >> The existing 6-step textile printing is simplified to 1-step.\r\n >> It is possible to print on fabrics without pre-treatment when using Nano Colorant\r\n >> It is an environmentally-friendly product and does not discolor when washing\r\n>> Excellent color fastness\r\n- Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, Gray, Orange, Violet\r\n- Optimized for Cotton/ Silk/ Rayon/ Linen/ Cotton&Silk blended etc\r\n- Applies to UJET series & Others (Mutoh, Mimaki)\r\n- The best solution for the fashion & textile production, saving valuable time. The best for strike off (S/O), sample, short run (S/R) in the apparel/accessory/home interior markets. Also, the best solution for T-shirts and banner markets.\r\n- Volume: 220mL (Cartridge type)\r\nUJET Reactive Ink - The dream of designers to express beauty \r\n- Characteristics of UJET Reactive Ink \r\n >> The best color expression and color reproduction\r\n>> Optimal ink condition for continuous printing\r\n>> Excellent color fastness\r\n- Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, Gray, Orange, Blue \r\n- Optimized for Cotton/ Silk/ Rayon/ Linen/ Cotton & Silk blended etc\r\n- Apply to UJET series& Others (Mutoh, Mimaki)\r\n- The best for the fashion & textile production for the best color quality, the best for S/O, Sample, S/R in apparel/accessory/ home interior, T-shirts and banner market etc\r\n- Volume: 1L (Bottle type)\r\nUJET MC2 - Superb printer for small-quantity-batch-production\r\n- Characteristics of UJET MC2 printer\r\n>> The peizo print head means robust printing including color expression and homogeneity\r\n>> The revolutionary textile-feeding mechanism maintains optimal conditions for stable continuous even with thin or stretch fabrics. \r\n>> The advanced head-height adjustment function allows direct printing on all types of fabrics up to 12 mm in thickness.
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