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Water-based and Solvent-based Media Canvas\r\n\r\nSMI Technology is respected for being a leading inkjet media manufacturer and supplying a wide range of inkjet media. Starting from AD Korea devoting ourselves to developing coating chemicals in 1999, We are able to provide highly valuable inkjet media to worldwide market. There is a cooperative company, Hi-Co which has been producing our products with our own coating sol. Today, it has 50% domestic market share in Korea. Our products are primarily divided into following categories : Water-based, Solvent-based, Canvas and Fabric Media\r\n\r\nWater-based Media\r\nFirst of all, Water-based Media, which we are proud of announcing, are particularly suitable for indoor and outdoor graphic reproduction with the highest resolution and perfect color performance. Our Water-based Media offer true image and text outputs that every person involved in printing desires. Among a variety of Water-based Media, the most well-known products are backlit film 9mil, PET banner, and PP banner. These inkjet products are highly compatible with both pigment and dye based inks. The applications of Water-based Media are widely-ranging from banner displays, to trade show banners, exhibition booth decoration, in-store displays and more.\r\n\r\nSolvent-based Media\r\nNext, as for Solvent-based Media, we are offering 21 different types of products for your printing requirement. Our main Solvent-based Media are Photo Paper, Backlit Film, and PP Banner in both glossy and matte. The media feature consistent image quality, weather-resistance, and more accurate colors in digital printing. The applications of the media are large-format billboards, banner displays, posters, building murals and in-store displays etc.\r\n\r\nCanvas and Fabric Media\r\nIn addition, we have recently succeeded in producing high quality Canvas products for fine art and photographic printmaking. We supply Microporous Glossy and Matte for both pigment and dye. Our top priority for this product is roll-to-roll consistency and fine texture alive. With no crack and water resistance, our canvas reproduce the best of the original images.\r\nLastly, we have been dealing with Fabrics for Water- and Solvent-based inks. These media include Light Cloth(from 170mic) and Heavy Cloth(from 255mic).\r\n\r\nBased on many years of experience in inkjet media, we have struggled to develop the various optical products over and over to meet customers’ strict printing requirement. We will keep on producing high quality and more systematical inkjet media to provide better for both internal and international customers and our final goal is to embrace and grow as the leading and respected manufacturer of digital display. We look forward to a long and reliable partnership for mutual business development.\r\n
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