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Producing Lumiad light panel for a wide range of applications
On-nuri Electronics
ADD:A-504,Hakyetechnotown,250-3 Hakye-dong,Nowon-ku,Seoul,Korea,139-232
TEL:+82 2 3399 6900
FAX:+82 2 3399 6950
On-nuri Electronics is a professional high-tech enterprise, which produces Lumiad Panel employing cutting-edge TFL-LCD and TV technology. With the profound experience in manufacturing BLU Technology for monitor, note PC, LCD TV and more, we have been recently dedicated to making our way into digital media industry. We have achieved great progresses in producing a variety types of light panels for applications such as show rooms, retail shops, department stores, fast food restaurants, street furniture, interior lighting and beyond what you imagine. \r\n\r\nUnlike other companies’ light panels created by V-cutting method, our Luminad products have been designed and produced by screen printing technology. The features of Luminad light panels are as followings: high visibility, unmatched uniformity of illumination throughout the whole graphics, solid-state reliability, slim & aesthetic design and high energy efficiency. Our light panels are even easy to mount and replace graphic films and are cost-effective for your display requirements.\r\n\r\nLuminad light panels are available in five different model including wall-mounting, ceiling-mounting, menu board type, standing-alone and floor tile. Firstly, wall-mounting light panel is best suitable for the applications on showrooms and shopping malls to announce product sales. A wide range of frame sizes range from 367*490mm to 1,100*1,526mm. Secondly, we are coming up with ceiling-mounting light panels which are available with both single-sided and double sided graphic mounting. The products measuring 1,010*500mm offer comfortable and visibility with 16:9 ratio. Thirdly, the full color, customized menu board type is available in various sizes. The product provides high quality resolution. Fourthly, our standing-alone light panel is best solution for exhibitions, design systems, indoor advertising, P.O.P., interior lighting and so on. Lastly, LEDs-based floor lighting systems are easily and quickly assembled and disassembled without the need for expensive professional help. The products are proper for both residential and commercial architectural environments. \r\n\r\nThe thickness of light panels explained above is different depending on the light sources (CCFL and LEDs) applied. Based on contemporary design, our light panels offer clean, television quality resolution graphics. The exterior frame also features rustproof and durable lightweight. Our specialized light panel manufacturing facilities in Seoul, Korea and Beijing, China enable us a short production leadtime.
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