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Producing a wide range of inkjet media for indoor and outdoor application
Young-In Chemical
ADD:609-13, Banwol Industrial Complex, Ansan, Kyunggi, Korea
TEL:+82 31 495 3763
FAX:+82 31 495 3969
Young-In Chemical CO., has been a leading manufacturer & exporter of specialty coated media, papers, films and other substrates for the worldwide reprographics and imaging industries. Traditionally serving chemical product markets since 1987, Young-In Chemical succeeded to develop inkjet media products for the large format color graphics market as well in 1997 through an ongoing commitment to research and development. Young-In Chemical with 2,300mm media manufacturing facility, Young-In Chemical continues to evolve and innovate, develop quality inkjet media with a wide variety of applications for \\"print for pay\\" service bureaus, sign makers, photo houses, ad agencies, point-of-purchase display makers and other markets. \r\n\r\nOur solvent inkjet media products are available in both adhesive and non-adhesive products, and are designed for printing with all kinds of solvent-based inkjet systems. For indoor or outdoor applications, the line includes PET White matte (JIF-PWMS-200), PET White gloss (JIF-PWGS-200), PVC Sheet (JIF-PVCS-100), Non-wooven (JIF-NWS-100) and Embossed PVC (JIF-PVES-100) available with permanent or low tack removable adhesive systems. We are also offering PET Back-lit (Product name: JIF-PBS-175/150), which has the highest performance and durability on colors with lighting systems. The inkjet media offers exceptional image resolution and is ideal for economical everyday color printing. Especially Our PET Back-lit media is suitable for the application on bus shelter or subway graphics. Our solvent inkjet media line, which is water resistant, does not require finishing works like over laminating and coating for longer lifespan of graphics. \r\n\r\nIn the last two decades, UV curable inks have gained a strong presence in the printing industry for many printing techniques. The advantages of UV inks in the printing process, the superior print quality and the environmentally friendly nature of the products are well known. However, the use of UV inks for inkjet printing is still in its infancy and the materials requirements are very different from the other printing techniques. To meet the material requirement for UV curable based printers, we are also introducing new media, a line of UV-curable inkjet pressure-sensitive vinyl designed for compatibility with UV-curable ink based machines and inks. The new materials include JIF-PWU-125 (Polyester White Film) and JIP-PTU-125 (Polyester Semi-matt Film). \r\n\r\nWe are announcing widest range of inkjet media compatible with water-based inkjet applications. The specialized substrates provide whiteness for wide gamut & rich colors, high productivity during printing and excellent image resolution. The media can be printed with dye or pigment water based inks designed for wide format printers. All of our products are available in 36\\" ~ 87\\" width and 5 ~ 8 mil., thickness. Our goal is to provide you the highest quality media and supplies for your wide format inkjet printer. With this in mind, we continue our commitment to providing practical solutions to your inkjet media requirements. \r\n
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