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Unique UV Printer Manufacturer
ADD:542-2 Dongducheon-dong, Donducheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, 483-080 Korea
TEL:+82 31 860 5500
FAX:+82 31 860 5590
KOSDAQ Listed Company in Jan 2011\r\nEstablished in 1996, Dilli listed at KOSDAQ in Jan 2011.\r\nKOSDAQ(Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) is a trading board of Korea Exchange(KRX) in South Korea established in 1996. Now, DILLI is producing and supplying UV Inkjet Printer\r\nby changing to current Digital Printing Industry.\r\nDILLI started to develop UV Printer since Jan of 2001 and in Year 2002, the first UV Inkjet Printer was introduced. Currently DILLI is producing Neo-Series like Neo-Titan at Entry Level and Neo-Venus at Middle Range. As it is hybrid type so Roll and Flat media can be used for its media. Automatic Head Height Control System,Automatic Head Protection, Cleaning System, Automatic Lamp Shuttering, Automatic Lamp Setting System are already applied.\r\nSpecially, by adapting TCP (Turn-Key Cutting-Edge Printing) system to produced Product, we could accomplish a convenience in installation and initial operation of printing machine. In case of the printing machine with TCP system, it is designed and manufactured to start machine operation only after by connecting the line of Air\r\nand power at customer site.\r\nWorldwide leader among large format flatbed printers\r\nThe development and production stage works are in response of DILLI. Some of the parts are gotten thru outsourcing process.\r\nHowever main parts and manufacturing of finished product are directly assembled at DILLI.\r\nFor each printing machine, since history management of all the procedure is closely managed according to Serial Number from the time the order is place at to the time the printer is dispatched at, in case a problem happens to our printer at our customer\\'s site, the problem had been solved shortly. DILLI in UV Printers Industry want to become a valuable company\r\nproviding all customers versatile products and will follow the pursuit of customer\\'s value creation as a globally recognized brand in the digital printer industry.\r\nDILLI takes great pride in its Neo UV Printer series being the worldwide value leader among large format UV inkjet printers. Incorporating the very latest in digital and UV technology Neo UV Printer series deliver excellent quality and performance at a reasonable price.
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