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Switching mode Power Supply Manufacturer
ADD:#102-1207 Chunui TechnoPark1, 200-1 Chunui-dong, Wonmi-gu, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea
TEL:+82 32 668 9560~4
FAX:+82 32 668 9565
UNIONELECOM Co,.Ltd is started in 1995, and now manufacturing and exporting the Switching Mode Power Supply, Solid State Relay, Noise Filter.\r\nWe have grown to the provider of the total solution in the field of electric power and electronic parts by developing and manufacturing various reliable SMPS, SSR, Noise Filter using all our employees creativity,passion and ability to rise to challenge.\r\nWe have done tremendous efforts for our customers to use SMPS with high reliability and high efficiency in the field of indoor and outdoor LED lighting, communication, industrial field, electric sign board, broadcasting,\r\nelectric system, banking, medical equipment etc.\r\nWe will also cope with developing and manufacturing SMPS of customized specification for the satisfaction of various and changing requirements of customers very quickly and production of small quantity with various kinds.\r\nAll our employees will do our utmost to make a sound and reliable company through maximizing customer satisfaction, best quality, best price.\r\n\r\nBusiness\r\nSwitching Mode Power Supply\r\nDevice that transform A.C input voltage to D.C output voltage through switching semi-conductor of eletric power with P.W.M control method.\r\n�Standard SMPS\r\n�Customized SMPS\r\n�15W ~ 1500W : 300 types\r\nSolid State Relay\r\nElectronic solid state relay that control electricity on and off by using\r\na switiching semi-conductor molded into case with epoxy.\r\n�2A ~ 80A : 150 types\r\nNoise Filter\r\nDevice that remove the noise such as electro magentic interference occuring in all kinds of OA & FA, Industrial equipment and Measuring & Medical equipment etc.\r\n�1A ~ 1000A : 100 types\r\n\r\nQuality management\r\nQuality Policy\r\nIn order to achieve complete customer satisfaction, we are aiming for \\"Do it right at first, Keep it carefully to the end, Deal with problem perfectly.\\"\r\nBy conduction process controls under ISO 9001 and ISO14001 standards through all process, we are providing our customers with the best quality products and services.\r\nQuality Certification\r\n�Product certification : UL, TUV, CE\r\n�Process certification : ISO9001, ISO14001
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