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E & G
ADD:1296-1, Deoki-Dong, Ilsan-Gu, Goyang-City, Gyeogi-Do, Korea.
TEL:+82 31 915 4477~8
FAX:+82 31 915 4588
Since 2001, E & G has been dedicated to the development and distribution of lighting sign frame (slim light panel) and Roll poster (roll banner stand) to the market. We have 30 different types of products. To meet the global market\\'s needs, we continue to improve more systematic products, manufacturing user-friendly items. We are ISO 9001/14001 & CE certified and more strictly control product-manufacturing process. With extensive experience in the industry, Kil-Hong Kim, president of E&G, has worked for the development manager of the Japan-based Sign Company since 1988, and has supported the technology for lighting signboard system. Currently, We are exporting our high-tech products to several countries such as America, Japan, and New Zealand and looking for new reliable business partners from all over the world. \r\n\r\n-EG Light (The brand name of slim light panel) E & G exclusively manufactures and sells EG Light (the brand name of slim light panel), which is super-slim enough for easy installation. The panel easily manages digital printing graphics. The display incorporates thin aluminum frames into which the printed images slide. Depending on lighting fixtures, these display systems can be classified as follow \r\n\r\nCCFL (or LEDs) Panel: cold Cathode-Fluorescent Lamps (or LEDs) are installed on either sides or one side of the light guide pane (8mm). The light guide panel inside panel is grooved into a V-form. The reflection sheet is applied on the grooved surface so that the light will be evenly reflected towards the printed image. The V-formed groove maximizes the brightness and uniformity of the light. Its lamp is 2.6mm diameter and lifetime is over 30,000hrs. The product is within 40mm thickness. The displays are available from 200X200mm to 1200X2700mm. The slime light panel is easy to change the graphic, just opening out its front. \r\n\r\n-T5 Fluorescent Lamp Panel: The display is the same type such Slime light panel using CCFL expect for that it is more convenient to change lighting fixtures. A limited size of T5 lame allows us to produce only six different sizes of the display. However, there is no need of dismantling the frame. With Light guide panel, the reflection sheet, which serves as illuminated mirror signs, maximizes reflected lighting. Its frame thickness is also 40mm. · \r\n\r\nEEFL(Exterior Electrode Fluorescent Lamp) Panel : This light panel is suitable for the shop, which require more brightness of light for outdoor advertising. Its surface brightness is up to 15,000lx. This display does not require a light guide panel. One ballast accommodates up to 10 lamps in one module and each lamp is installed at 40mm interval. A lamp (8mm in diameter) is available in lengths of 630, 880, 980 and 1,180mm. Regardless of lamp size, the display is available in any size, up to 2,700mm. The lamp offers various colors, while lamp\\'s lifespan is over 30,000 hours. \r\n\r\n-Roll Poster (Scrolling Banner Stand)\r\nMoving image displays are more effective than static displays when brand awareness and products sales are concerned. Roll Poster serves as powerful point-of-purchase reminders, and helps fuel customer excitement on the items. This product is equipped with user-friendly and patented internal motors on the lower end of a pole, which allows users to move the graphic up and down. ·Attractive With highly dynamic visual impact, moving graphics display poses the best display value on the market. Roll poster accommodates several graphics. This means you can display several images only by one system. · Adaptable Whatever your needs may be, there are a wide variety of seized graphics available, with the width of scrolling banner stand adjusted. This can be applied anywhere indoors: windows, ceiling, walls and columns of a shop. · Easy (Installation, Operation and Replacement) The simplified rolling system enables users to set graphics in a second without special tools. Just turn on the switch in the middle of the poster to move the graphic
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