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Providing Bulk Ink System, Dryer, Take-up and Feeding System and More
NITE Industrial Co., Ltd
ADD:Rm 504, 5 Floor Daeryung Technotown 1st, #327-24, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea
TEL:+82 2 859 4211
FAX:+82 2 866 4216
The business objective of NITE Industrial Co., Ltd., is to provide the most reliable products at a reasonable price to the market, by supporting an impeccable service. We have recently succeeded in developing a near infrared drying system and a take-up & media feeding unit for all of wide format digital printers. They are designed to be installed without modification of printers, requiring no additional space.\r\nBriefly introducing Bulk Ink Systems, our bulk ink systems are available in three different types including Bottle type (named NAPIS-B15), Ink bag type (named NAPIS-II) and Combined type (named NAPIS-III). See the right photos for what they look like.\r\nThree of them are available by your preference and we have recently developed ink bag cartridges with plastic sensor for bulk ink system.\r\nIt is almost like original cartridges, providing stable and high-speed ink supply to printhead. In addition, the printer stop when ink is empty on the top part (bottle or ink bag) because the plastic sensor touches an end sensor of the printer then you can refill ink in the top part. So air never reach to the printhead. And we have replacement parts like cutting blades and holders for cutting plotters and more.
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