Pneumatic Streching Machine

Product Category : Silk screen system

Product Description :
SGP Pneumatic Stretching Machine

  • Pneumatic stretching with highest precision and repeatability High tensioning values up to 30N/cm
  • 220mm clamp jaw width
  • Specially designed jaw system with roughened rubber holders and positive clamping offers maximum retention force
  • Quick action wide opening toggle lever clamps lock the fabric for even tensioning
  • Simple adjustment of the frame profile height
  • Integrated, space saving design control panel with twin pneumatic system
  • Separate controls and pressure gauges for warp and weft, allows precision stretching in each direction
  • Optional cross dividers permits, stretching of two, four or six frames simultaneously
  • Expandability through modular design, allowing the operators to easily add or remove clamps to accommodate different screen sizes
  • Aluminum construction profile frame, and MDF supporting board
  • Optimum handling
  • Min. Screen frame size: 40 x 40 cm up to Max. frame format of 300 x 400 cm

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