Emulsion Coating Machine

Product Category : Silk screen system

Product Description :
SEA Automatic Emulsion Coating Machine

  • Automatic coating for universal applications of medium to large screens
  • High precision and good reproducibility
  • Coating of both sides simultaneously or individually
  • Coat cycles of 0 – 9 for both sides can be set separately
  • Individual pressure regulation with dial indicator for both sides, synchronizes application pressure and maintains coating uniformity
  • Adjustable coating speed with AC frequency control
  • Adjustable dwell-time control for the tilt mechanism allows emulsion to be stabilized before the start of cycle
  • Easy access control panel
  • Possibility to coat multiple screens
  • Adjustable frame holder accommodate multiple screen sizes, holding the screens firmly in place
  • Cycle control by PLC
  • Vibration free, steady movement for automatic, homogeneous and controlled coating
  • Fast retract of both coating throughs during a power failure and emergency stop. Pre-programmed emergency cycle will bring the carriage to its origin position when the power is reestablished
  • Stable and durable construction with rigid extruded aluminum profiles, high quality components, and heavy duty drive system
  • Optional IR Drying can be coupled to the system and included to the cycle

  • Max. screen size: 300 x 400 cm

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