Screen Drying Cabinets

Product Category : Silk screen system

Product Description :
SKF Screen Drying Cabinet

  • Dust free drying environment for emulsion coated or washed screens through its fully enclosed design
  • Horizontal drying of the screens for accurate control of the emulsion thickness
  • Five or eight shelves
  • Easy and practical shelf construction allowing single large or multiple smaller frames to be dried in one shelf
  • Homogeneous temperature and even warm air distribution
  • Precise temperature control with digital thermo-regulator
  • Air intake filter prevents dust and lint to enter the cabinet
  • Air exhaust controlled with a manual damper, to reach desired temperature quickly
  • Operator adjustable drying timer with buzzer and flasher
  • Extruded aluminum profile frame for durability and stability
  • Insulated and powder coated sandwich panel construction to save energy

  • max. screen size: 300 x 400 cm

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