LED Lighting System

Product Category : LEDs & Display

Product Description :
Digital lighting system ?Selected JINHWA series products are grouped into a lighting system, which contains lighting fixture, JINHWA series controller and power system. in a system application, lighting fixture based on the user뭩 need can be used either individually or as a group.

Animation files are transfrred as digital commands into MPU to rule over strenght and order of light so that the desired lighting effect can be demonstrated correctly to maximize the personal expression of the lighting designer.

Contact Information

Location : KOREA

Company name : JINHWA LED Inc

Contact Person : Min Woo , Hyung

Address : 3F, TaeSung B/D 1547-5, Seocho-Dong Seoul, Korea

Tel No : 82-2-2057-1458

Fax No : 82-2-2057-1459

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