Product Category : Light Panel

Product Description :
Lumiad Panels are manufactured using cutting-edge TFT-LCD technologies which can successfully make up for the inferior luminance in the centers of the panels.

- High luminance with uniformity achieved by using the pattern design technology.

- Slim & aesthetic design.

- Serves as high level interiors.

- Convenient replacement of images inside the panel.

- Easy of use (installation, removal and moving)

- High energy efficiency (70% reduction of electricity and 10 times of longevity compared to a fluorescent light panels).

- High-brightness and uniformity based on superior pattern design.

- Own BLU technology for monitor, note PC, and LCD TV.

Contact Information

Location : KOREA

Company name : Onnuri Electronics

Contact Person : Jeong-il Kim

Address : A-504, Hakyetechnotown, 250-3, Hakye-Dong, Nowon-Gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel No : +82-2-3399-6904

Fax No : +82-2-3399-6950

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