Neon Transformer, LED

Product Category : Sign system

Product Description :
DAEHANTRANS is the name that First and Best in the field of Neon Transformer and LED System I Korea.DAEHANTRANS CO.,LTD have been dedicated on development of Korean Neon Industry since it established in 1972.Since it founded, our passion is to make and create outstanding Neon Transformer and services for our local and worldwide customers.As the leading manufacturer of LED system for signage,DAEHANTRANS is the name of innovation and dedication on Korean LEDs signage industry.It earned its reputation for innovation for bringing new products to the market.Our all of Neon Transformer and LED products have all been firsts in its products categories.With our dedication to reliable products and services, we will try to be a leading company in the Neon Transformer and LEDs Industry in the world.

Contact Information

Location : KOREA

Company name : DAEHANTRANS CO., LTD

Contact Person : LEE HYUNWOO

Address : #7-11, DongChun-Dong Yeonsu-Gu, Incheon-City, Korea

Tel No : +82-32-858-0311

Fax No : +82-32-858-0315

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