Scan 3000/5000

Product Category : Scanning System

Product Description :
The hand-made PENTACON scan 5000 scanner camera is the result of the effort put in the development of an entire scanner family; it is a top product featuring a depth of field and resolution never before thought possible.Fields of application of the PENTACON scan 5000:? product photography in advertising? macro photography in medical research? digitization of transparencies, glass plates, aerial photographs to microfilm to large-size X-ray photos? survey photography? reproduction of 2D and 3D documents in museums and archives and for securing evidence in criminologyConverging verticals can be avoided by using shift and tilt lenses on the scanner camera. Another application of the PENTACON scan 5000 is its use as digital scan back on various Linhoff cameras (an adapter is required for the purpose).Outstanding features of the scanner camera:? possibility to connect interchangeable lenses and accessories of many makes? optical SLR viewfinder, acute matte screen, microprism and split-image rangefinder? large image files (also for art prints)? high colour dynamics, low noise and soft gradation transients? fast data transfer to PC or Mac via FireWire (IEEE 1394) interface? perceptibly greater depth of field than the scan 3000? exact alignment through bubble level (option) on hot shoe? short-focal length lenses for high resolutionsThe PENTACON scan 5000 is controlled by the award-winning, specially adapted SilverFast Ai software by LaserSoft Imaging.Scope of delivery:? scanner camera with Nikon bayonet lens connection or helical mount with M39x1 lens thread? SilverFast Ai software? IT8 targets for colour calibration with incident light and transmitted light ? FireWire (IEEE 1394) cable? storage caseThe following options are offered:Various lenses, lens adapters for Mamiya, Hasselblad, various field lenses, power supply unit.

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Location : GERMANY

Company name : PENTACON GmbH, Foto- und Feinwerktechnik

Contact Person : Michael Bledau

Address : Enderstrasse 94

Tel No : +49-351-2589213

Fax No : +49-351-2589303

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