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NanoColorant - dramatic simplification of digital textile printing processCan you imagine applying color to fabric that doesn’t need to be pre-treated or post-processed? - Characteristics of Nano Colorant >> The existing 6-step textile printing is simplified to 1-step.>> It is possible to print on fabrics without pre-treatment when using Nano Colorant>> It is an environmentally-friendly product and does not discolor when washing>> Excellent color fastness- Colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, Gray, Orange, Violet- Optimized for Cotton/ Silk/ Rayon/ Linen/ Cotton&Silk blended etc- Applies to UJET series & Others (Mutoh, Mimaki)- The best solution for the fashion & textile production, saving valuable time. The best for strike off (S/O), sample, short run (S/R) in the apparel/accessory/home interior markets. Also, the best solution for T-shirts and banner markets.- Volume: 220mL (Cartridge type)

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