Product Category : LEDs & Display

Product Description :

Any LED, which is waterproofed in 0.9mm, can be achieved in whatever type you need by mounting LEDs in a 0.9mm perforated plate. Any LED provides animated graphics with a variety of color change if connected to a dimmer after the mixing arrangement of R.G.B colors. Any LED is available in 6 different colors including white, blue, green, amber, red and orange color.

Jinhwa Any LED product’s strengths and features
- Low energy consumption
- 10 year light source life expectancy
- Extremely low power consumption
- Simple installation for all locations
- Dimensional achievement, color mixing
- Graphics, Letters and video images viability
- Environment friendly systems

Contact Information

Location : KOREA

Company name : Jinhwa LED

Contact Person : Minwoo Hyung

Address : 3FL, 1547-5, Taesung B/D, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel No : +82 2 2057 1458

Fax No : +82 2 2057 1459

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