PLIGHT, Reflective advertising inkjet media

Product Category : Digital Printing(Large format) solution

Product Description :
The darker the night, the brighter the PLALIGHT!The visibility of conventional advertising material is limited to just daytime but PLALIGHT overcomes this limitation by utilizing its surrounding light such as car headlights, street lamps. PLALIGHT visibility range is over 200 meters and is guaranteed to last for 2 years. PLALIGHT can be used with all current printing methodsPLALIGHT comes in two types, solvent-based type and water-based type. PLALIGHT can be used for all kinds of digital printings as well as silk screen printings. You can get 3 dimensional effects as well as vivid color expression created by reflective quality. The printing quality is outstanding and the high-visibility is of a standard never seen before.

Contact Information

Location : KOREA

Company name : Plalight International

Contact Person : Taeil Kim

Address : 2F, 899-28, Dae-chi 4 dong, Kangname gu, Seoul, Korea

Tel No : +82 2 552 8078

Fax No : +82 2 552 8079

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