X-TILE DID, TFT-LCD based Signboard

Product Category : Displays(Illuminated or non illuminated)

Product Description :
Bluepixel Co., Ltd., is unclosing XID, a large format TFT-LCD based sign. A XID product is a new-concept multi-media digital system, which provides real-time information including a variety of commercial and non-commercial contents. With a high resolution screen, it is designed to enhance digital content delivery. A XID digital sign is highly recommended for a variety of application such as airports, terminals, department stores, medical centers, fast-food restaurants, banks and moreThe product’s features are as below: *High brightness, High resolution -up to 700cd/m2, Full HD (1920 x 1080)*Networking solution by internet - PC Based 1:N or 1:1 *Operating various contents at the same time - Moving Picture, Flash image, Steel Picture ….* User friendly control software - Installed X-Tile DID control software for easy displaying * Simple display by external memory - USB, SD, MMC, CF Card …..

Contact Information

Location : KOREA

Company name : Bluepixel

Contact Person : Eric, Myung

Address : Room 306, Sun-il Technopia, 440, Sangdaewon-dong, Joongwon-gu, Sunnam City, Kyun

Tel No : +82 31 777 3370

Fax No : +82 31 777 3375

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