Arete ReturnShop

Product Category : Channel letters & tool

Product Description :
The Arete ReturnShopoffers the most affordable, cost-effective, accurate and reliable channel-letter return automation available today. The Arete ReturnShop (Arete Notcher and Flanger) accurately lays out, notches, dimples for bend direction, shears to length and flanges channel-letter returns ready for bending. The Arete TrimShop is designed to precisely handle, feed, layout, notch, and dimple and shear channel-letter trim to length, ready for bending and gluing to the face material. The Arete ReturnRoute is a software only product that allows Back files to be converted into Return files and used with a router to route out the returns. The Arete Channel Letter Brake is a mechanical brake, requiring no power or air to precisely bend letters to desired angles. A low cost way to get started in channel letter automation. Arete Products greatly increase shop productivity and profitability by bringing state-of-the-art technology to the manufacture of channel-letters for shops of all sizes.

Contact Information

Location : United States

Company name : Arete Corporation

Contact Person : Michelle Dobbs

Address : 1870 W. 64th Lane, Ste. E, Denver, Colorado 80221 USA

Tel No : 1-303-216-2747

Fax No : 1-303-216-2757

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