Bulk Ink System

Product Category : Ink & system

Product Description :
As for bulk ink systems, we are proud to release NAPIS-E, which is easy, economical and effective for reliable and stable ink delivery. NAPIS-E is 100% compatible with Epson series 7400, 7800, 9400 and 9800 printers. The bulk ink system provides the flexibility to design products that require little operator intervention and deliver superior print quality on a wide variety of printing media. The systems allows for easy mounting of ink cartridges, reliable ink delivery, stable ink flow for long run production, no maintenance with air pressure, eye monitor of ink level and more. The capacity is 1.5 L inks four individual bottles.

Contact Information

Location : KOREA

Company name : Nite Industrial

Contact Person : J. K. Bae

Address : 504, 5 Floor Daeryung A.P.T. Factory, #327-24, Gasan-dong, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul,

Tel No : +82 2 859 4211

Fax No : + 82 2 866 4216

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