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Self adhesive Vinyl for wrapping Vehicles, which is one of main items, can wrap the part of mild curved surface technically and it\\'s easy work with its Removable even if stretched by hands to adjust the position at anytime, attachment or detachment . At the same time, to protect its wrapping surface , Cold laminating vinyl , UV cut, would be recommended. For a short-middle period, IT-1000 is reasonable with both its price level and quality level. it is used for a variety of usage like a construction site or a fence. Your customers enjoy effective signs to earn their money, we sure.One of the quality control system, All vinyls have been tested with Solvent inkjet printers before their releasing. Quality is no negotiable. Below is further products line-up. Glue type : Permanent, Removable Service life type : Short-middle term, Long term Application type - Vehicles wrapping vinyl(flat surface/Mild curved) - Cold Laminating film(UV cut) - Fence/Construction sign vinyl - Window sign vinyl (One-way, Transparent) - Solvent media Reflective vinyl - Solvent media Hologram vinyl - OEM labels vinyl

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Location : KOREA

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Address : 205-2 Seondong-ri Chowol-myeon Gwangju si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

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