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Product Category : Fabric / Textile

Product Description :
Denier 150D×150D, Banner fabric 300D×450D Tent cloth600D×600D Tent cloth 75D×150D, 100% Polyester woven/Non woven fabric/ Cotton canvas/Mesh/Mirror,flagInk Sublimation/ (Eco/True) Solvent / Water based (dye/pigment) /Oil * Specialized fabric for HP(HP UV) and Seiko oil alsoFire retardant Sublimation/ Solvent/Water based M1 Grade in FranceBlock Out 100% Block out effect, Double side printableFlag One time printing Two way vision, No back liner, Easy handling, Saving time and cost Woven fabric back lit for light box Banner for various application, fixed and retractable like tear drop, scrolling display systemFabric surface Glossy/Very matte/Shiny glossy up to item Max width 2.5m

Contact Information

Location : KOREA

Company name : Jinkwang Chemical

Contact Person : Mrs. Hyun-Kyung Kim

Address : 421-5 Danggok-ri Jillyang-eup Gyeongsan-si Gyeongsangbuk-do 712-832 Korea

Tel No : + 82 53 854 8155~6

Fax No : + 82 53 854 8157

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