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BSL produces the best quality of digital printing ink through the continuous R&D and do the intensive customer service to meet the demands of customers and accomplish the right management to match the mission of our company which is right and transparent. Our printing ink is available for various models of Mutoh, Roland, Mimaki, Epson, and HP plotters.We\\'re selling large format printing ink and deskjet ink. We can classify large format printing ink as solvent based ink, water based pigment/dye ink and direct sublimation ink.Large format printing ink features strong resistance toward rain and sunlight, long lasting head durability, eco-friendly, high quality and low price.Solvent based pigment ink features : Brilliant color, Stable run-ability, High durability, Low smell, Low fume and Ketone free structure.Direct sublimation ink features : Brilliant color, Stable run-ability, High durability, No smell, Higher transfer rate and Light fastness.Water based pigment and dye ink features : Brilliant color, Stable run-ability, High durability and light fastness. DeskJet Ink formed bulk refill ink is characterized no clogging, low price and high durability.We would like to convey our sincere appreciation to the customers who visit our homepage.

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Location : KOREA

Company name : Baronsl Co., Ltd.

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Address : 37-18, Sachang-ri, Yanggam-myeon, Hwaseong si, Gyeonggi-Do, Korea

Tel No : +82 31 204 9900

Fax No : +82 31 204 9935

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