Product Category : Inkjet printer(Wide-format)

Product Description :
d.gen Teleios, the original direct printing and fixation machine, manufacturers who want to make eye-catching flags and banners with photorealistic images of products can print directly on polyesters as easy as printing on papers.

Until yesterday, for the printing photorealistic image for flags and banners, 2 separate processes were needed ? printing on paper, then transfer image from the paper to fabric. So it was necessary to purchase additional thermal transfer machine (calendar machine) and needed to spend money for papers.

From today, with Teleios, no need calendar machine, no need paper, no need big operational space, no need fussy process of sublimation and skilful paper transfer operators either.

Also, arraying Teleios with d.gen Coating Machine and d.gen HeatCUTTER by In-line workflow system, it presents remarkable productivity of the production of over 2,000sqm of flags and banners a day.

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Company name : d.gen International, Inc.,

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Address : 424-12, Cheongcheon-dong, Bupyeong-gu, Incheon, Korea

Tel No : +82 32 510 3500

Fax No : +82 32 515 5340

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