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Product Category : Inkjet printer(Wide-format)

Product Description :
Yetek is the largest manufacturer which has the largest history in this field and small-size flatbed inkjet printers, as well as having the longest history in this field.
Yetek has tried to develop flatbed inkjet printing field that enable users to print out regardless of quality, size and shape of media, since its establishment in 2000 as a professional company for flatbed printing technology. Now, Yetek becomes the greatest power in the digital printing business field and has the top technical power in the field of flatbed inkjet printer which is the core technique in the field.

*Life Jet 300
- A2 size (450mm x 1000mm) printable
- 8 colors ink (Option : white ink)
- 2880 × 1440 dpi
- Eco solvent based direct ink, dye ink and primers
- Fast printing speed and high productivity

*Life Jet 110
- A4 size printable
- 6 colors ink (Option : white ink + Rip S/W)
- 5760 × 2880 dpi
- Eco solvent base Direct ink, Dye Ink and primers
- Fast printing speed and high productivity

*Life Jet 200
- Super A3 size printable

Contact Information

Location : KOREA

Company name : Yetek Co., Ltd.

Contact Person : Andrew Cho

Address : #701, Yangji Bldg., 464-3 jangan3-dong, Dongdaemun-ku, Seoul, 130-846 Korea

Tel No : +82 2 2217 1033

Fax No : +82 2 2217 1054

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