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Product Description :
Providing various kinds of bulk inks, cartridges, bulk ink systems and accessories for large-format printersWATER-BASED Ink For hp® designjet 1050/1055™ For hp® designjet 5000/5500™ Piezo for Epson Head Mutoh® RJ™ Mimaki® JV-4™ series Roland® FJ™ series SOLVENT-BASED Ink Eco/Mild solvent (pigment) For Mimaki® JV-3™ SSI I series For Roland® SC/SJ™ series For Mutoh® Falcon II outdoor™ (Rock hopper II™) For True solvent inks for Epson inkjet printerhead For Seiko® Solvent ink (dye) for small Flatbed printers hp® designjet 1050/1055™ water-based (dye / pigment) 350ml hp® designjet 5000/5500™ water-based (dye /UV) 680ml Plotters using Epson piezohead-Mutoh® RJ™-Mimaki® JV-2/4™ series- Roland® FJ™ series water-based(dye / pigment) 220/440ml Mimaki® JV-3™ SSI / SSII series solvent-based 220/440ml Plotters using Epson piezoheadRoland® SC/SJ™ seriesMutoh® Falcon II outdoor™(Rock hopper II™), Tucan solvent-based 220/440ml Seiko® Colorpainter 64/100S solvent-based 1,000ml Epson® series- 7000/7500, 9000/9500 - 9600 - 9800 - 10600 UltraChrome K3 Chips For Roland®Eco sol max inks For Mimaki® JV-3 / JV-5™ For hp® designjet 1050™/ 5000™ series Bulk ink system System for piezo inkjet printers.It is designed to be used on Roland™, Mutoh™, and Mimaki™ printers or similar piezo inkjet printers utilizing Epson™ head technologies. Features of D5 bulk ink system for piezo printers.1. Available for solvent and water based inks both.2. Internal filter to purify the inks and protect printhead.3. 300ml or 1liter ink reservoir is optional4. Dual floating systems to maintain proper ink level.5. plug -N- play installation. System for Mimaki™ JV-3 Accessories - Tube error resetter for hp® designjet 5X00™ - Automatic ink filling machine for water / solvent based inks - Adapter & Damper for solvent printers

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