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Durafos Inc. is a premier manufacturer and distributor committed to providing premium digital imaging inks, quality digital flatbed printers and other supplies to the large format, flatbed and desktop printer market.

And we have been selling our products in Korean market since the beginning of 2004 and just started to promote them in world market with the excellent feedback of quality, price, and service in the domestic market for the last two and half years.

Since our establishment, Durafos has tried to develop and supply only one type of product to our customers: the best product in quality and price on the market and our main business goal is to provide superior quality products that give extra performance and business profit to our business partners.

And to supply stable quality inks and printers to our customers, we have been using high quality of raw materials such as pigment dispersion and parts imported from a few quality oriented Japanese and American partners which are specialized only in ink dispersion and printer parts, so we can always provide the premium quality products and customized services to all Durafos distributors and customers.

Durafos offers extensive ranges of premium quality inks and ink cartridges for various OEM large format and flatbed printers selling on the market: water based dye inks, water based pigmented inks, dye-sublimation inks, solvent based inks, mild solvent based inks, eco-solvent based inks, oil based inks, flatbed inks and compatible ink cartridges.

Durafos also supplies high quality multifunctional and textile flatbed inkjet printers to our customers after developing them in cooperation with a new energetic venture in this digitial flatbed printer business.

For your information, the senior chemical engineer of our digital ink R&D department is one of the first people to have seen the need for alternative solution in inkjet printer imaging supplies market, and to have pioneered setting up the effective manufacturing systems of compatible inks maintaining the highest quality standards of OEMs and the senior engineer of our digital printer team is also the pioneer of the small digital flatbed printers.

Both of them have over 15 year job experience to work as the senior engineer in one of leading and world-class ink manufacturers and in a leading screen printing company, and with their long experience and expertise in ink and printer technology, they and all the other Durafos working staffs are making Durafos one of the most reliable suppliers of quality digital printing inks, printers and supplies to all of our business partners.

Furthermore, most of Durafos members have worked in this business more than 10 years, although Durafos, itself is rather a young company, so we know how to support our customers with what kinds of products and services.

I know that not a few choices are before you when it comes to purchasing imaging supplies and hardware including inks and printers and some companies may be interested in the suppliers that just offer a better price, but our current business partners chose Durafos as their long term business partner, because they had a strong confidence in quality of our products and the services of our company. Since their choice was right, they have been enjoying a fast growth and good revenue with Durafos products now.

I hope that both of us can develop a long term business relationship choosing the right business partners and enjoy mutual profits and prosperity cooperating closely each other in the near future.

Kind regards,

Charles Yoon / Sales Director


Durafos Inc.

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Company name : Durafos Inc.

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Tel No : +82-31-381-8064

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