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Digital Sign Co.,Ltd was founded in 1993and has been one of industry leaders in theimplementation and fabrication of LED displayproducts for about two decades. Specializing inIndustrial, Message Centers and Commercialapplications, Digital Sign products can be found infactories, airports, transit terminals, movie theatres,TV stations, banks, sporting venues, casinos,hotels, etc. world-wide. And its systems are theperfect solution to all your communication needs.As for Full Color LED display, the LED displaysystem provides brilliant eye-catching colors ongraphics and characters. With user-friendlyoperating program, the system is designed to storeand input graphics via digital camera, scanners andanother equipments. The graphics and charactersprovided by the Full Color.We are also offering custom-made LED displaysystems for your specific purposes. Our custommadeLED display system is available in a widevariety of character, line and full matrix displayconfigurations.With the goals of high quality and adaptability inthe market competition, as well as the ability ofdeveloping new products, we welcome interestedcompanies to inquire our products. We are lookingforward to cooperation with you in near future.

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Location : KOREA

Company name : Digital Sign Co., Ltd.

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Address : #228 D-artgallery, 648, Sinnae-dong, Jungnang-gu, Seoul, 131-872, Korea

Tel No : 82 2 3422 4300

Fax No : 82 2 3422 0081

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