Channel Trim

Product Category : Accessories & Kit

Product Description :
Daesung Sign Channel is a company thatmanufactures and sells materials, tools forchannel letters. This company starts to developand sell ‘Channel Trim’ needed to put a cap on achannel letter. Aluminium bars, which isdifficult to make a channel letters, bring anunwanted loss. whereas, Channel Trim, beingeasy to work, reduces a loss because thisproduct is roll-typed and flexible.An uninflammable material is added to the productso that it is strongagainst heat and fire.0.04mm-thickness aluminiuminserts in it and channel letter can be finishedwith tacker job.

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Location : KOREA

Company name : Daesung Sign Channel

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Tel No : 82 2 514 4362

Fax No : 82 2 514 4364

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