Pen Plotter-Garment CAD&CAM

Product Category : Plotter / Router

Product Description :
i am cathy from Hangzhou ECHO Computer&Technology Co., Ltd, cathy@iechosoft.comPen Plotter-Garment CAD&CAM: It has double pulling paper tightening system. It\\'s adaptable to different specs of paper such as 72inch/63inch/48inch. It\\'s adaptable to any kinds of special graph pens, ordinary ball pens, water pens, mark pens, etc., graph cost is low. Panel in the front of equipment can control speed, pen strength, paper wrapping, paper testing freely, operation is easy. Specification: 36\\"/48\\"/68\\"/78\\"/88\\".

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Location : CHINA

Company name : Hangzhou echo computer & technology co., ltd

Contact Person : cathy

Address : no 1 building, hangzhou software park,

Tel No : 86-571-86609558

Fax No : 86-571-86698923

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