DuraCotton 98 heat Transfers

Product Category : Others

Product Description :
DuraCotton 98 features ZERO Hand, ZERO Cutting, ZERO Cracking when stretched. DuraCotton 98 works with virtually ALL Color Laser Printers and Copiers (oil / non-fuser oil models) + sublimation ink / toner. Use regular OEM toners to achieve the lowest toner cost per print, least amount of work per print, enriched color vibrancy, extended wash durability, accurate color reproduction without correction / production issues, no color bleeding.

Contact Information

Location : CANADA

Company name : AutoART Color Solutions Inc

Contact Person : Ken Black

Address : 1250 Winterbourne, Oakville, Ontario

Tel No : 905-829-5852

Fax No : 905.829.8123

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