Laser Engraving Machine-G9060C

Product Category : Plotter / Router

Product Description :
www.chinadealmaster.comModel G9060C Laser Engraving & Cutting Machine is customized for the customers in different industries based on the old model G9060B , to meet the demand of the customers in different industries for spare parts , to realize the flexible processing and manufacturing . Adopt the aviation light path system , imported linear guide rail , guarantee the smoothness of the light knife moving and high engraving precision . Realize computer drawing (effect drawing) , make all kinds of drawings , characters , graphics context , plenty and normative , cooperate with laser engraving software and make the effect of graphics context perfectly . Large processing area , high speed , high precision , smooth cutting edges , narrow cutting slot , easy working procedure , and easy to operate . G9060C laser machine adopts imported motor , red light positioning function , private patent inside structure . It\\'s compact , layout reasonable , performance stable , and can continuous working for a long time ; Adopt imported linear guide rail , the light knife moving along with X,Y axis horizontally non touching , no mechanical distortion , perfect engraving effect , adopt CO2 sealed laser tube as the heat sources of the machine , integrate the most advanced computer digital control technique , it\\'s a high-tech digital control product unified optical , mechanism and electricity .
This machine is customized for the users specially in garment , leather , wooden toy , embroidery , model , art and craft , advertisement and decoration , construction , packaging and printing , paper ware , etc.

Technical Features

Professional design ideas , customized for the users in different industries , elegant appearance and practical .
Professional moving control design , adopt advance three-phase stepping motor and good tansmission system , high speed and precision .
Complete function , safe and stable , exclusive no water warning and automatic protection system , to protect the working life of the laser tube effectively .The power control system has exclusive automatic protection equipment to ensure the stability and safety of the machine to the best .

Electronic control lift platform , easy to feed front and back , easy and flexible to operate , can engrave materials with different heights .

Adopt the aviation light path system , imported linear guide rail , to guarantee the smoothness of the light knife moving and high engraving precision .

Red light positioning system realizes the high positioning without laser .

(Optional)Auxiliary rotary device : process the cylinder object such as cup , brush pot , musical instrument and breakthrough the engraving limit of 2-dimension.

Technical Specification
Laser power 60W(80W Laser tube optional)
Size of platform 1000×600mm
Engraving area 970×580mm
Appearance size 1430×1100×950mm
Engraving speed 50-50000mm/min
Cutting speed <=18000mm/min
Cutting thickness <=20mm
Positioning precision +/-0.01mm
Support file format AI.BMP.PLT.DXF.DST
Minimum shaping characters Chinese characters:2mm English height:1.5mm
Power of machine <=1250W
Electric lift platform Adjustable height:350mm
Auxiliary rotary device Optional
Structure of machine Detachable
Power supply 220V/50Hz

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