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Model: SK5306 Solvent Printer Powered by 6 pieces of SEIKO SPT 510 print-heads. Our solvent printers are the reasonable choice for printing professional looking to attract new revenue from jobs requiring fast turnaround and superior image quality. Those roll to roll solvent printers would apply to various substrate media type like Paper, Flex Banner, PVC, Mesh Fabrics, Vinyl Sheet and Carpet... Our solvent printers are with our engineers daily traveling worldwide, the after sales service for you is well guaranteed. Printhead: 6 pieces (for 6 color)( SEIKO SPT 510) Print Width: 5m Media Width: 5.2m Resolution: 1440 Dpi Speed: 2pass: 90 square meters per hour 3pass: 60 square meters per hour 4pass: 48 square meters per hour 6pass: 36 square meters per hour 8pass: 29 square meters per hour Mechine Size: 7.2m x 1.4m x 1.7m Weight: 3000kg Color: 6 colour: CMYK LM LC Media Handl: Roll to Roll Media Types: Paper, Flex Banner, Canvas, PVC, Mesh Fabrics, Viny1 Sheet and Carpet. Ink: Solvent-Base Pigment, Two-year Outdoor Life File Format: TIFF, RGB/CMYK Working Process: Maintop Software For Printing(Windows 98, Windows XP) Rip: Maintop/Onyx/Photoprint +1 Year Warranty (parts and labour) + Ongoing Support for all of our solvent printers +SEIKO print heads provide high quality, productivity, and reliability +Direct printing on wide variety of media with six colour solvent-based ink produces vivid colours +True solvent-based inks provides UV-durable, water and abrasion-resistance prints for 2 year of outdoor use +Constant control of air pressure inside head enables smooth ink flow +Automatic head cleaning system maintains the best condition for head, and unattended operation of machine +Automatic media feeding system provides stable and unattended operation of machine +Automatic ink supply system +Powerful and stable head carriage shaft for quality printing +Safely designed drying fan shortens drying time and allows prints to dry fast +User friendly control panel for easy operation +We also have other 5m, 3.4m, 3.2m, 2.5m, 1.9m. 1.5m Models solvent printer. Please see our productlist.please contact jiaoyunboy@hotmail.com for more details.

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