Laser Engraver

Product Category : Laser system

Product Description :
Function: Engraving/cutting/Scanning Cutting speed: 3800 cm/min Resolution 1000dpi Laser Tube: CO2 Glass tube made in China 40/60/80W(Standard); RF Metal laser tube made in U. S. A 30/55/100W(Optional) Software: ACE Pro with Dangle Driver: MG Driver for CorelDraw, Photoshop, Word, AutoCAD. Interface: LPT1/USB2.0 Movement Function: Step/Servor Motor Focus Lens: F=50mm, D=20mm Reflective Mirror: Glided Brass Mirror (3 Pcs) Rail Guide: Linear Rail Guide Made in Taiwan Attachment 1. Water Cooling and Ventilation System 2. Working Tools 3. Finished Products Collector Working Material: Acrylic board, Wood, PVC board, Double-Colorboard, Glass, Cloth, Leather, Paper board, Rubber etc. Power: 600w_4000w

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Location : CHINA

Company name : Megaurum Graphics Co., Ltd

Contact Person : WEI QI

Address : No.15-30 Liupukang Erqu Xicheng District, Beijing, China

Tel No : 86 10 6235 2571

Fax No : 86 10 6235 2571

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