EcoSolvent Ink & Dye Sublimation transfer paper

Product Category : Ink & system

Product Description :
SUNGREEN ECO SOLVENT INK*100% compatiable forRoland SL,XJ,XC,SP,VP seriesFor Mutoh Rockhopper, Valuejet seriesFor Mimaki JV3,JV33/JV5 series SUNGREEN DYE SUBLIMATION PAPER1.Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper (white color,Type A)1) Key AdvantagesEnhanced Ink Transferring rate(More than 98%) Excellent Ink Holding and Instant Dry Waving free in wet condition 2, Dye Sublimation Transfer Paper(yellowish color, Type B)1) Key AdvantagesEnhanced tackiness for firm material adhesion Excellent Ink Holding and Instant DryWaving Free in wet condition

Contact Information

Location : KOREA

Company name : Sunmicroink

Contact Person : Max

Address : 86-4 Sungsan-Dong Mapo-Gu Seoul Korea

Tel No : +82 2 338 6670

Fax No : +82 2 338 6673

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