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Our Colourful Pigment Co.,Ltd is specialized in producing, researching and supplying high-tech chemical products, just like Pre-dispersed pigments, organic pigments and pearl pigments. Our products include NC, PVC, VC, PVB, AC, PA, PU series.Our complete pigment pre-dispersion with the outstanding advantages and require no further grinding. Colourful group pigmented chip dispersions create great chances for ink maker to produce the excellent quality flexo and gravure printing inks without much investment in technology and equipment.

Contact Information

Location : CHINA

Company name : Zhuhai Colourful Pigment Co., Ltd

Contact Person : Bonnie Yang

Address : No.8 West Carving Our Road, Lian Gang Industrial Zone, JinWan District, Zhuhai

Tel No : 0086-756-3901166

Fax No : 0086-756-3901199

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